What is Integrative Physical Education?

As humans, we have evolved because of constant change, instability, and movement. These things are essential for our bodies and in our lives to adapt and function properly, and we have done it for so long that our neural system is wired that way.

I understand that engaging in physical activity in this society is difficult, and the reason is that we are trying to adjust our lives to programs and methods that are not realistic, or educational, and on top of that they have no applicability to our lives. They are mostly about 'smokes and mirrors'. When in reality, they should be about helping you be more functional and practical.

Integrative Physical Education focuses on studying how we as an organism move and engage with the environment, and integrates such natural movement patterns - meaning, the movements we do as as part of our development and survival, our activities of daily living (ADL), and in our jobs.

Based on this, the exercises and other practices that are utilized are a combination of natural movements, corrective exercises, Integrative Stretching, posture and breathing exercises, balance and coordination and multi-sensorial exercises - all applied to the needs of each individual (even in a group setting).

I.P.E. is an adapting approach in the sense that not every single case is the same. While we all have the same general movement patters, and and live under similar social conditions, the things that affect us and the way we react and compensate to try and adapt and very individual. I.e. Although you and I both may suffer back pain in the same area, what causes mine is not necessarily the same thing that caused yours - also, we both react and compensate differently to deal with such pain. Therefore, while the approaches to deal with such issue may have the same fundamental principles, these must be personalized for the individual realities of each one of us.

Integrative Physical Education also aims to bridge the gaps between our practical and occupational living with the health and fitness concepts - helping you understand and implement realistic practical ways to be functional.

In health, just like in anything else, we need to go deep and beyond the surface, to be able to understand and make real changes or adaptations.

There is no magic pill, powerful powder, special mystical diet, non-learning process, or a no-sweat/no-movement way to get there, in fact I don't promote any of these things as they often tend to harm more than help. Health is not just being lean, having big muscles, or not being sick... there is much more to it, and I want to help you understand and implement that in your life, through an Integrates Physical Education approach, following an interactive instructor-learner process.