Personal Training

Need Undivided Attention?

This is for the athlete, for the non athlete and for the post-rehabilitation patient.

Here we meet face to face at your home, community gym, or at a park. I will prepare an Integrative Physical Education program along with personalized advice in the aspects of health and nutrition, specific for your goals and needs (I adapt to your reality). I will accompany you through the whole process, providing inspiration, movement corrections, guidance, rehabilitation, and follow-ups. This service is subject to availability. I provide equipment such as balance boards, exercise bands, medicine balls, and dumbbells, and if you have exercise equipment, I will integrate them all into your program.

These are the solutions included in Personal Training:

  • In-depth health history assessment.
  • Virtual Posture analysis.
  • Comprehensive physical fitness and mobility assessment.
  • Basic nutritional and eating behavior assessment.
  • Personalized, and guided exercise workouts.
  • Personalized nutritional advice to go with your training and intended goals (based on intuitive eating).
  • Basic Integrative Stretching to help you develop proper physical integrity.
  • Nutrition and exercises homework for when you are not with me.

Contact for prices

*Prices are subject to change, and may vary from case to case.

Disclaimer: All clients need to sign a liability waiver, a service agreement, and a health history form before services are provided.