Online Personal Training

Note: This service is undergoing some changes. Soon you will be able to purchase pre-programmed online packages that are easy and inexpensive.

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Feel the freedom of exercising whenever... wherever. The world is your gym.

Let's face it. If you are like most people, you do not have plenty of time or the necessary schedule to exercise like you are "supposed to", and even though you really want to get healthy and fit your daily living is too tight; WORK OR COLLEGE, KIDS, PETS, HOME SHORES, VACATION, BUSINESS OR PERSONAL TRIPS, and so on. And that is without considering how far your Fitness Club is (if you have one available), or how expensive is your personal trainer. How do I know this? I have been working in the fitness world for around 20 years.

Research demonstrates that around 90% of people who join a gym or hire a trainer quit exercising within the first 3 months. And that is only in January, you know, for resolutions; after that, many will not even try, no matter how much they really need it or want it. That is a pretty big number, and the reasons are:

  • Lack or realistic goals,
  • Thinking that they would get in shape within a few weeks just like the gym or trainer promoted,
  • The gym was too far or too expensive,
  • The schedule with the trainer was not flexible enough to meet their needs, and like mentioned above;

Base on that, Quantum F.I.T.'s Online Fitness Coaching provides practical and realistic solutions. I call it 'Triple-A'

  1. ADAPTABILITY: The workouts, exercises, and nutritional advice that I provide you with will adapt to your real needs. Based on your physical literacy, knowledge, and experience on general health and fitness, available time and days to exercise, knowledge of cooking, and current physical condition. Also, my experience and education in the physical rehab exercises will help adapt even further to cater to your needs and help you get fit in all aspects.
  2. AFFORDABILITY: Quantum F.I.T's Online coaching services are designed to adapt to your budget without getting you broke. The average cost of a personal trainer is about $200 to $300 per week, and the average cost of a regular gym (without all the fancy stuff and without personalized help) is about $60 per month.
  3. ACCESSIBILITY: This is one of the best parts; with Quantum F.I.T.'s Online Fitness Coaching, the gym is always open for you. You get to access your workouts wherever you are, and these can be adjusted to your current needs. Say you want to go on vacation but you don't want to miss exercising; just send me an email or a message through our exercise app, or call me... tell me how much time per day you think you will have for exercise, along with with your equipment availability and I'll make it happen. No equipment? No problem. I have plenty of body weight exercises (so how about a great workout at the beach?). That way you get to exercise and then enjoy your day. The same applies to business trips, workout at home, exercise at the park, or even at the gym. As mentioned above "The world is your gym". Two more great things about Quantum F.I.T.'s Online Fitness Coaching are:
    • You have control of over calendar. No more having to feel attached to a to a schedule for a fitness class or for personal training. You can exercise at whatever time a day you can... or want. And still be under the guidance of a professional fitness coach. That way you can tackle your day and still workout.
    • You don't want to exercise alone? Do not worry, I have online group training options too. So talk to your friends, family, or co-workers and get them ready to F.I.T. up.

These are the things you'll get when you join my Online Fitness Program:

  • Health History Screening
  • Functional Fitness Assessments
  • Virtual Postural Analysis
  • Personalized exercise programs that suit your needs and intended goals
  • Personalized Basic Nutritional Advice
  • Personal Support and Guidance


  • Every client is required to sign a service agreement, release of liability, and health history form before starting the program.