Integrative Stretching

Let's get a balanced structure!

Flexibility, mobility and managing pain are very important aspects of physical fitness and health in general. This service is designed to help you achieve relaxation and flexibility via Integrated Stretching, not just so that you can be 'flexible', but that you can be 'mobile'.

What is Integrative Stretching (I.S.)?

I.S. part of what I call Integrative Physical Education, and is a mix of various methods of stretching (Assisted, Passive, Active, Peripheral Neuro-muscular Facilitation [PNF], and Myofascial Release), with basic movements to help you release pain, breathe better, and align your body structure to a more functional one. It requires you to actively engage in certain guided movements, and breathing patterns, and isometric muscle contractions in order to create kinetic connections.

Benefits of I.S.

  • Diminish or eliminate pain.
  • Increase in mobility and flexibility.
  • Decompression of the spine and other joints, creating the sensation of being taller and lighter.
  • Diminish or eliminate joint and muscular discomfort.
  • Better posture within various functions (standing, sitting, walking, etc.).
  • Better Structural Integration, by creating balance of tension and relaxation .
  • In many cases it has helped improve vision, digestion, and breathing.
  • Better balance, coordination, and confidence in movement.

Who can benefit from I.S.?

Any body:

  • Post rehabilitation patients.
  • Athletes (or anyone who play sports at any level).
  • Employees who sit or stand for long periods of time.
  • People experiencing movement restriction, physical pain, and discomfort.
  • People looking to unwind and relax.

This could be a one time thing, however for long-lasting results, multiple sessions may be needed - based on each individual's needs. An in depth screening of structural alignment (posture) and gait is performed and ran by digital analysis.

Disclaimers: All clients need to sign a liability waiver and a service agreement before services are provided. This is by no means a replacement for serious medical intervention such as dislocated joints and broken bones, among other conditions and I will determine if I can help you after our first consultation, or refer you to a the appropriate professional if needed.

Case Studies

Client 1_ Before and After 1 Session.pdf
Client B_ Before and After 1 session.pdf