Group Classes

There is no "I" in TEAM. Let's work together!

Group fitness classes are awesome. Why? Because you are challenging yourself but at the same time you have that push we don't get when we are moving alone. And while I personally prefer to exercises on my own, which has massive benefits, there is nothing like being part of a group... that sense of community!

As a Physical Educator I like the idea of integrating multiple modalities and philosophies of physical education and fitness in my classes. The purpose is helping you develop not just a strong and fit body, but also all of the components of physical literacy so that you can move with ease and confidence. Following are some of the things that I like to integrate using different methods such as HIIT, Play, Isometrics, Natural Movement, Rhythmic Activities, Yoga, Pilates, Weight Training, Teamwork, Manipulative Exercises, Challenges, among others, in a practical and non-traditional way:

    • Strength, Endurance, and Cardio
    • Balance and Coordination
    • Stability and Agility
    • Space Awareness and Body Control
    • Flexibility and Mobility
    • Posture and Breathing
    • Barefoot and 3D movement
    • Core strength and Stability

Believe me when I tell you, this is not going to be your typical group fitness class, because I am not your typical trainer.

Price, Location(s), and other details:

  • Location: 740 East Main Street, Haines City FL, 33844. It is at the Haines City Sports Karate Center
  • Price: $8 per class. Please try bring exact change.
      • Payments will be in cash (soon there will be an online payment option).
  • You need to bring your own towel, water, exercise mat, and hair tie (for those with long hair).
      • Haines City Sports has Gatorade available for $1 (small) and $2 (big), and water bottles for $1. For these please bring exact change.
  • Please try to be at least 5 minutes before the class starts.


For your safety and ours every all participant must fill out a service agreement, a release waiver, and a health history form. You can fill them online, on your computer or mobile device. Please click on the following links for each form:

Answers to possible questions

  1. Will I burn fat? Yes. Focus on this instead of focusing on weigh loss.
  2. Will I lose weigh, and will I tone my muscles? If that is your goal and you work hard for it, yes. I will help you get there but I am just a guide. You do the work. But please understand that this is a very individual physical reaction and it is the result many variables (time, frequency, genetics, dedication, exercise, nutrition, lifestyle, to mention a few) and I cannot promise when will it happen nor compare you to somebody else. There are also cases in which people gain weight when they start exercising because they gain muscle mass, which is very healthy. Focus on loosing fat mass, feeling better, getting stronger, diminishing or eliminating pain, and getting more energy instead.
  3. Will there be a support group? Yes, there is a private Facebook group dedicated to these classes that will work as support, inspiration, education, sharing success stories, recipes, and other related things. You will be invited/added to it once you take your first class. Group rules will be pinned at the group page.
  4. Will we get a diet and supplement recommendations? No. I only provide basic nutritional advise such as portion control, cooking tips, recipes, and intuitive eating. I do not promote any restrictive or fad diet, cleanse or supplements. These tend to be harmful and create eating disorders and other health related negative issues. Should you decide to engage on a diet or to take supplements you do this under your own risk. Please make sure that before the classes you have plenty of energy so that you do not suffer any injury or setback. Also, keep hydrated at all times.
  5. Will we use equipment and accessories? Yes and no. There will be a combination of body weight training with a series of complementary equipment such as dumbbells, heavy exercise balls, swiss ball, jump ropes, balance boards, battle ropes, punching bags, weight plates, suspension trainers, among others. However there will be no specific combination to use these things, and there may be classes that are just with body weigh... but believe me, you'll feel it.
  6. Will you feel like you worked hard? Yes, in most classes. However, some classes will be dedicated to activities that are not necessarily high impact or intensity.
  7. I have a health condition such as high blood pressure, arthritis, asthma, diabetes, fibromyalgia or a joint surgery o. Can I join the class? So long you have been cleared out by your primary physician or specialist there should be no problem. Although it will be a group class I will adjust and modify exercises to your condition and needs so that you can benefit from them. However, please fallout the health history form and be as specific and honest as possible.