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Have you tried it all? The camps, the Xs, the insane, and the caveman, the magic pill, and the herbal potions...? Did it work? I mean... did it really work? Could you sustain that for a long period of time? I know, I have tried it all too, and every time I ended worst than before, maybe a few pounds less but with my back, shoulders, neck, knees, elbows and every other joint screaming for help. Are you tired of all the promises of getting you how you were at 15 in less than six months "guaranteed"? Been there, done that... and it didn't work. I mean... chances are that if you are already past 15 you'll never get back. You need to embrace who you are at this point and work with what you have. You need to embrace change and understand that variability and instability is also part of your life. After all, precisely these things are the cause for which we are where we are in our evolutionary process, and without them, we simply stop existing.

What can I say... I am not your typical fitness professional..., I am a Physical Educator. I will get you moving how you are supposed to, I will challenge you, I will help you see that being F.I.T. is not about magic, miracles, and quick fixes... but about you getting it done right. It will take time, dedication, and plenty of commitment, willingness to unlearn and re-learn, and I am here to guide you along the way. Come on, LET'S BEGUIN!

- Juan Baez M.B.A., P.E., P.T.